10 resolutions to improve your smile in 2019

improve your smile

The new year is the opportunity to instill some good habits for better health and wellbeing in the year ahead. If your teeth or facial appearance is on your list of areas to improve, here are 10 resolutions to improve your smile in 2019.

1) I will brush twice daily

Adults and children should brush their teeth for two minutes, twice daily, using fluoride toothpaste, but a recent report in Australia’s dental health found often that’s not the case.

If you’re looking to keep those pearly whites strong and healthy, a daily dental hygiene routine that includes brushing twice daily is a requirement.

2) I will floss

About half the surface area of your teeth lies between them, which makes daily flossing an absolute must.

Children should also be introduced to flossing as early as they will tolerate it in order to set them up for good dental hygiene habits for life.

3) I will visit my dentist

Whether you’re a little overdue for that dentist visit or it’s been a significant time between checkups, regular appointments with your dentist help reduce the risk of tooth decay, tooth loss and other dental issues.

Twice a year is the recommended minimum for visiting your dentist, and the benefits extend far beyond your teeth. Dental health is linked to greater wellbeing including reduced risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers.

Meanwhile, children should first visit a dentist within six months after their first teeth emerge or by the age of one.

4) I will change my toothbrush regularly

If your toothbrush is looking a little worse for wear, chances are it’s not doing its job effectively. Your toothbrush should be changed about every three to four months or when it starts to look frayed.

5) I will visit an orthodontist

Many people associate orthodontic treatment with the teen years, but the truth is there are a wealth of reasons to visit an orthodontist throughout the course of life.

Whether your child is aged about seven and they’re ready for that first check-up or you’re an adult considering having your teeth straightened, have noticed your teeth are moving or suffer sleep apnoea, an orthodontist is the professional to assist.

6) I will enjoy pearly whites

If your teeth are in good health but have lost a little lustre, 2019 could be the perfect time to consider teeth whitening. As we age our teeth discolour, but professional teeth whitening has the potential to give you back the bright white smile you’ve always dreamed of.

7) I will treat myself

While dentists play an important role in looking after the general health of your teeth, their services also extend a lot further. At Brite Dental, we also offer cosmetic injectables which harness our dental professionals’ innate understanding of the structure and function of the face.

If frown lines, crow’s feet or smoker’s lines are among the areas you’d like to address to improve your smile in 2019, we are available to assist.

8) I will address my teeth grinding

Teeth grinding affects both adults and children, with half the population estimated to grind their teeth at some time during their life.

Teeth grinding (bruxism) is a problem that should be treated sooner rather than later as it has the potential to damage your teeth and lead to cracking, chipping, and decay.

Treatment options include cosmetic injectables to relax the jaw muscle or mouth guards to stop teeth wear.

9) I will eat well for my teeth

Diet plays a major role in the health of your teeth, with some foods resulting in staining and others promoting decay.

If you’re looking to eat well for your teeth, consider eliminating sugary drinks and sticky sweets which leave a residue on your teeth and cut back on drinks like tea, coffee and red wine that stain your enamel.

10) I will protect my teeth

Looking after your teeth isn’t just about good hygiene and regular check-ups, it’s also about protecting them from potential damage. If you play contact sports that means a mouthguard should be on your list of investments in 2019.

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