An insight into adult braces

Whether you missed out on braces in your teens, or your teeth have moved over the years, the good news is it’s never too late to embrace the perfect smile.

And more and more Australians are doing so with adult braces. As a result, they are improving their dental health and enjoying increased confidence in their smile.

If you’re an adult pondering the idea of having your teeth straightened, here’s an insight into the benefits of adult braces.

Adult braces rising in popularity

Over recent years there’s been a rise in the number of adults seeking braces to improve their smile. Driven by celebrities like Tom Cruise, Celine Dion and more locally Leila McKinnon, this public and proud embrace of adult braces treatment is offering a very real boost to people’s self-esteem and their dental health.

In fact, Orthodontics Australia recently found 62 per cent of Australian adults would consider orthodontic treatment.

And they noted there were significant reasons driving them to consider the option. Some of the reasons adults are turning to orthodontists to help perfect their smile are:

  • For a boost in confidence
  • For an upcoming special event
  • To perfect a selfie smile
  • For better oral health

The benefits of braces

Braces are often associated with the cosmetic benefit of a picture-perfect smile, but that’s not the only reason adults might consider the option.

Although increased confidence is a very real and important result, braces also hope ensure your future dental health.

Easier to clean

The fact is, straight teeth are easier to keep clean. Over the years this means they are potentially less prone to decay or tooth loss.

Less teeth wear and tear

Meanwhile, teeth and jaws which are not correctly aligned can also leave teeth prone to cracking and wear. This is simply because they meet in the wrong place and wear against each other. Or in some areas, teeth do not meet at all, placing strain on the teeth around them.

Improved speech

Teeth also play a critical role in the act of speech, and for some adults this is a major reason why they opt for braces. Straight teeth help with the formation of certain speech sounds.

Better breathing

It’s a little-known fact, that the formation of the jaw is closely linked to how we breathe, and in some cases orthodontic treatments like braces can assist.

Meanwhile, the result of improved breathing also means people are likely to sleep better.

The final word

The upshot is, it’s never too late to enjoy your ideal smile. As adult braces become more common, widely accepted and grace the faces of well-known celebrities, more and more Australians are ‘embracing’ them. Ultimately the treatment offers them the opportunity to have the smile they’ve always dreamed of and the dental health benefits that come with it.

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