Beetroot and Goat Cheese Terrine


This terrine has a lovely topping of crunchy nuts and fresh herbs. It is easy to make and is a great meat-free starter that will appeal to both vegetarians and meat lovers.


Olive oil

1kg raw beetroot

100g full-fat soft cheese

Small bunch of oregano leaves

300g soft goat’s cheese

1tbsp thyme leaves

2tbsp snipped fresh chives

1tbsp caster sugar

75g halved walnuts

Small bunch of sage leaves


  1. Brush a terrine or loaf tin (20cm x 9cm) with olive oil and then line with cling film, so it overlaps the top.
  2. Place beetroot in a saucepan with cold water and salt. Bring up to the boil and simmer for 40 to 50 minutes until tender. Set aside to cool.
  3. Chop half the oregano and beat into the soft cheese and goat’s cheese with the chives, thyme, and half a teaspoon each of black pepper and salt. Cover and refrigerate.
  4. Peel the beetroot and cut it into 1.5 mm slices using a sharp knife or mandoline. Place a layer of overlapping beetroot slices in the terrine, then add a thin layer of the cheese. Repeat until everything is used up, and finish with a top layer of beetroot. Cover with cling film, weigh down with tins and chill overnight.
  5. Toast the nuts in a small frying pan for a few minutes before sprinkling over the sugar. Stir until sugar melts, and the nuts are coated and leave them to cool on a plate.
  6. Heat 2tbsp of olive oil in a frying pan and fry the rest of the oregano and sage until crisp. Place on kitchen towel to drain and season with salt.
  7. Serve by removing the top layer of clingfilm and tip the terrine onto a platter. Remove the rest of the clingfilm and top with toasted walnuts and herbs.
  8. Cut into slices and serve with salad leaves and toast.

Serves 8