Tips for trouble-free teething

Your baby’s first tooth is an exciting milestone, but teething can also signal a period of increased irritability, discomfort and restlessness in your child. So, what can you do to assist? Here are our top tips for trouble-free teething. When does teething start? Your child’s first tiny tooth is likely to emerge anywhere between four […]

How to fix a gummy smile

A great smile plays a major role in how we socialise, interact and feel about ourselves, but sometimes even the straightest, whitest, beaming smile can be impacted by excessive gingival display. The good news is a “gummy smile”, as it’s known, can be fixed and often it’s as simple as orthodontics or cosmetic injections. What […]

A bit about bridges

When you have a series of teeth that are damaged, missing or severely impacted by decay, bridges might be the recommended course of action. Bridges comprise one or multiple false teeth that are designed to replicate the look and function of real teeth. They are affixed to crowns which are placed over healthy existing teeth […]

When to consider crowns

When it comes to protecting a weakened tooth or restoring a tooth with extensive decay, crowns are one of the most common and effective treatment options available. Crowns help maintain the look and function of natural teeth, while also working to prevent further damage and deterioration. So, what exactly is a crown, how do they […]

The best ways to beat bad breath

Chances are at one stage or another you’ve encountered or personally experienced bad breath. Caused by bacteria that live in the mouth, bad breath (also known as halitosis) is very common, but often preventable using some very simple strategies. Here’s an insight into the best ways to beat bad breath so you can banish it […]

Diabetes and dental health

For over one million Australians, managing diabetes is part of everyday life. But an often-overlooked side effect is that diabetes can potentially increase your risk of developing oral health conditions. If you’re among the many people with diabetes, here’s what you need to know about diabetes and dental health. How diabetes affects dental health Diabetes […]

Ouch! Do you have sensitive teeth?

If you find yourself flinching when consuming cold and hot drinks, while eating citrus or when taking a breath of cold air, you might be experiencing sensitive teeth. Estimated to affect one person in nearly half of all Australian households, tooth sensitivity can be a sharp and sudden pain or feel as if your teeth […]

The Top 10 tooth brushing mistakes you probably make every day

Chances are you think very little about brushing your teeth as you go about this daily part of your routine. But make no mistake there are do’s and don’ts when it comes to brushing your teeth and they all add up over a lifetime of dental health. Here are the top 10 tooth brushing mistakes […]


The fascinating timeline of teeth

Taking around 20 years to fully emerge and fill their various positions, teeth play a critical role in the formation of our face and the way we eat, speak and chew. Baby teeth start developing long before we are born, with the first teeth erupting from about six months. Over childhood and into the teens, […]

The checklist for teen dental health

Between school, socialising and activities, the teen years are all about enjoying a new sense of freedom and independence. But that shouldn’t stand in the way of great dental health. In dental terms, the teen years help set the foundation for habits and dental heath that will serve your child throughout the rest of their […]