Think you have gum disease? Please read on…

If you suffer swollen or tender gums when brushing, chances are you may have the early stages of gum disease. Estimated to affect half of all adults over the age of 30, untreated gum disease can go on to have major ramifications for your dental health and is the leading cause of tooth loss in […]

Room for improvement, says Australian dental health report

Australia’s dental health report card is in, and according to assessors there’s some serious room for improvement. They note the average Australian adult has around 13 decayed, filled or missing teeth, while less than half of all Australians have visited a dentist in the past 12 months. Here’s an insight into the state of Australia’s […]

How cosmetic injectables treat bruxism

If you regularly wake in the morning with a headache and sore jaw muscles, chances are you could be among the many people who suffer from bruxism. Estimated to affect half the population at some time, and five per cent on ongoing basis, the condition sees people clench their jaw and grind or gnash their […]

Five ways to improve your smile

Smiling is one of the most universally recognised facial gestures. Across every continent and culture, it conveys joy, self-confidence and, according to research, the act of smiling even make you happier and healthier. If your smile is just waiting to be seen but you feel self-conscious about its look, here are five ways to improve […]

Genetics and teeth

A bit like the ultimate lottery of life, genetics play a major role in our health, our wellbeing and our physical appearance. And just as genetics may impact the colour of your eyes, the shape of your nose, and whether or not you are prone to allergies, they also impact your teeth. In fact, genetics […]

How orthodontic treatment benefits dental health

Often people turn to an orthodontist to improve the appearance of a smile, but the actual benefits of orthodontic treatment extend far beyond aesthetics. Straight teeth and a well-aligned bite can potentially set you up for a lifetime of better dental health, and here’s how… The orthodontic process Although the ultimate outcome of orthodontic treatment […]

What is a root canal?

Root canal – these are two words that often cause anxiety in dental patients, but that doesn’t have to be the case. A root canal is a relatively standard procedure that helps rid a tooth of infection yet maintains its function and structure. And, courtesy of modern anaesthetics and best dental practice, a root canal […]

Some facts about fillings

Despite the best dental hygiene and commitment to cleaning your teeth, every now and then a visit to your dentist might reveal the need for a filling. Although it may not be the news you want to hear, rest assured fillings are one of the most common procedures undertaken by dentists to fix teeth affected […]

What are fissure sealants?

The name may sound a little daunting, but fissure sealants are a common dental procedure that serves the purpose of protecting molars. Most often used for children and teens, they help those big teeth that erupt in little people go the distance a bit longer. Here’s the lowdown on fissure seals, and how and when […]

Why you might consider veneers

Made famous by celebrities, veneers can help transform your appearance and increase your confidence by lightening, straightening or restoring your smile. But how do you know if veneers are right for you? Here’s an insight into the technology behind them and just some of the reasons you might consider veneers. What are veneers? Veneers are […]