Taking Care of Your Braces During the Season of Sticky Treats

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Halloween is nearly here, and sticky sweets are everywhere, but if you wear braces, you do need to exercise a bit of caution. We have listed a few easy tips to help you avoid sticky situations this Halloween.

Allow Sticky Treats to Rest in Peace this Year!

This year, avoid hard, chewy or sticky sweets like caramel, licorice, toffees and taffy and hard nuts and popcorn. All these can easily damage braces and could delay your treatment until you get them mended.

Choose Goodies that Melt in the Mouth

While certain foods may be off-limits, you can still indulge in melt in the mouth treats like soft chocolates, peanut butter cups and peppermint patties.

Be Even More Vigilant about Brushing and Flossing

Because you will most likely be eating more sweet foods, it’s vitally important to ensure you brush and floss regularly. Immediately after eating something sweet, swish your mouth with water to wash away the excess sugars, but wait half an hour before brushing so your mouth is less acidic, and your tooth enamel re-hardens.

Choose Non-Sugary Treats

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about the sugar as there are plenty of spookily themed recipes that are perfect for parties. You could even find you enjoy these foods more than chocolate!