Cosmetic injectable questions answered

Statistics indicate long before people turn to plastic surgery to reduce the signs of aging, they are investigating less invasive options such as anti-wrinkle treatments and cosmetic injectables.

Suited to fine lines like crow’s feet, frown lines and smoker’s creases around the mouth, anti-wrinkle treatments can reduce the visible signs of aging for a fraction of the cost of surgery, and offer an alternative to non-reversible procedures.

So, what’s involved? Read on to have all your cosmetic injectable questions answered.

What are cosmetic injectables?

Cosmetic injections involve using a very fine needle to inject muscle relaxants into areas of the face where wrinkles tend to form.

With relaxed muscles, the skin takes on a smoother, more youthful appearance.

What can cosmetic injectables do?

Cosmetic injections help reduce the appearance of a variety of fine lines and facial creases, including:

Crow’s feet

Muscle relaxants can effectively treat the wrinkles that form around the eye due to facial expressions and smiling. The result is reduced fine and even deep lines that can otherwise make a client appear older.

Frown lines

Even for those of us who rarely succumb to stress, horizontal frown lines can become a persistent feature as we age. They often serve to make us look more stressed or grumpier than we naturally feel, and are one of the more commonly targeted areas for injection.

Forehead lines

Forehead lines are a result of the facial expressions we make every day when we raise our eyebrows or animate our conversation with facial gestures. Over time these expressions can leave a trail of fine or deep horizontal lines between the brows and hairline.

Brow lift

Muscle relaxants can help raise the eyebrow and release heaviness over the eye. This helps rejuvenate the facial appearance making patients appear more youthful, more relaxed and less fatigued.

Smoker’s lines

You don’t have to be a smoker to have smoker’s lines. These rivets around the mouth form courtesy of speech and habitual expressions such as pursed lips. Cosmetic injections help relax the muscle that causes lines in the upper lip area.

Gummy smile

For patients who are self-conscious about a gummy smile, cosmetic injections can be a very effective alternative to surgery. They work by relaxing the muscles that overextend the smile.

Jaw clenching (bruxism)

Jaw clenching or teeth grinding can cause a host of ongoing issues including teeth wear, jaw pain and an enlarged muscle in the jaw. Muscle relaxants can be used to help relax the muscles of the jaw that cause excessive teeth grinding.

How much does it cost?

The cost of cosmetic injectables depends on how deep the lines are, how many lines need treatment and the required amount of muscle relaxant. The cost of the treatment on a per-unit basis.

How long does it take?

The procedure takes as little as an hour, with the majority of that time for consultation and medical assessment. The actual injections themselves take only minutes and afterward, clients can resume their normal day.

How long does it last?

Anti-wrinkle treatments last between three and six months, depending on the area that has been treated.

Is it painful?

As the needle used is very fine, most patients indicate anti-wrinkle injections feel much like a tiny ant bite. The sensation is quick to dissipate, and clients can resume their normal activities immediately afterwards.

Are cosmetic injections safe?

When administered by a trained medical professional, cosmetic injections are considered extremely safe. However, as with any medical procedure there are rare side effects which can include droopy eyelid, bruising, swelling, and tenderness.

How do I select the right professional?

Cosmetic injections are a medical procedure, which makes it imperative to select the right medical professional to undertake the consultation and administration of the muscle relaxants.

At Brite Dental our qualified dentists are registered medical professionals who boast years of experience and study in the structure and aesthetic function of the face. This experience, combined with our sterile medical facility, makes us ideally suited to administering anti-wrinkle injections in a comfortable, professional environment. 

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