Dental Anxiety: How to Stop Fearing the Dentist

Dental Anxiety Dentist Panania

If you feel a little anxious or nervous when coming to see us, you certainly aren’t alone! We also know that some people avoid dental care or delay essential dental care because of deep-seated fears. No matter your degree of anxiety, we are here to help you, and everyone here is extremely friendly, easy to talk to and compassionate.

Talk to Us

The first step in overcoming dental anxieties and fears is to talk to us. Once we understand why you have these feelings, we can work with you to ensure you receive treatment more comfortably. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and if you have a low pain threshold, let us know. Receiving dental care should never feel scary or painful.

Taking Your Mind off the Dental Exam

Our dental team are here to help you feel comfortable and relaxed. An alternative is to wear headphones and listen to your favourite music or audiobook. Some people find it helpful to bring a stress ball or fidget spinner.

Relaxation Techniques

Try using deep breathing exercises to release tension by inhaling slowly and exhaling for the same number of breaths. Focus on releasing tension from your forehead downwards until you relax all your muscles.