Five myths about teeth

As teeth have been around as long as human beings, they tend to have a host of myths attached to them which have accumulated over time.

Some myths about teeth are simply old wives’ tales, but some have a grain of truth in the legends they provide. Here’s an insight into five myths about teeth and how they relate to modern dental health.

It’s only a baby tooth

We continue to hear this myth too often – that baby teeth matter less than adult teeth and losing them prematurely due to trauma or decay is not a big deal.

Looking after baby teeth well sets up good dental habits for life. Meanwhile, baby teeth have an important role to play in the development of both the child and their mouth.

In addition to facilitating early speech and eating, baby teeth are the space maintainers for the adult teeth that will follow.

That means the purpose they serve is extremely important. Losing a baby tooth prematurely can lead to overcrowding and further dental issues. It can also flag potential problems with the quality of adult teeth that will later emerge.

Ultimately, that’s why children are recommended to first see a dentist at six to 12 months old, and each year after that as it’s critically important the health of these tiny teeth is maintained.

Sugar equals tooth decay

This myth is an interesting one because in many ways it’s true. A diet of excessive sugar is likely to result in tooth decay. However, it’s not the only reason your teeth might be prone to cavities.

Regardless of your diet, teeth health involves diligent dental hygiene and regular appointments with your dentist.

Have a baby, lose a tooth

Again, this is a myth with its basis in fact. Pregnancy does take a toll on the health of your teeth and your gums.

The rising hormones of pregnancy have been linked with gum disease, teeth shifting due to the relaxin hormone, calcium deficiency and increased acid levels as a result of increased nausea.

The toll this takes on your teeth is however preventable. If you are pregnant or planning to fall pregnant, talk to your dentist about the dental health routine that will suit you best, including measures you can take to reduce any toll on your teeth.

I only need to see a dentist when my tooth hurts

Tooth pain is the very last symptom that should prompt you to see a dentist.

If you have tooth pain, it is usually a sign of significant decay or that something serious is wrong. Seeing your dentist regularly, as in once year, is the best course of action to prevent pain occurring.

White teeth are healthy teeth

White teeth are indeed aesthetically pleasing, but there’s so much more than the colour of your teeth involved when it comes to ensuring you are in optimum dental health.

The natural colour of teeth varies, depending on genetics, diet, dental health and so much more. That means it’s important to visit your dentist regularly, and if you’re looking to whiten them, consult your dentist about the underlying cause of your teeth colour and the best method to improve it.

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