How braces can improve your face shape


When it comes to orthodontics, the focus is often on straight teeth, but did you know braces can also change the shape of your face and in some cases, can even make you look younger.

Here’s an insight into how braces can improve the shape of your face.

The mouth as a feature

The mouth is a central feature of any individual, with studies indicating a smile is the first thing many people notice in others.

But the mouth plays a role that goes far beyond smiling and speech, with the jaw and teeth alignment also impacting facial shape.

How the mouth impacts the face

The main way the mouth impacts facial shape is through jaw and bite alignment, which means common orthodontic issues like overbite, under bite, over jet and open bite also affect the general look of the face.

For example, over jet, (commonly known as buck teeth) sees the top teeth jut out over the bottom teeth. This can cause the top lip to protrude when you see a face in profile.

On the flip side, under bite can see the lower lip protrude.

Meanwhile, overbite, which sees the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth too much vertically, can cause a face to appear sunken and the chin to be less pronounced.

And open bite, which sees the teeth fail to meet, can make it difficult to close the mouth completely, which can result in a smile that appears stretched.

All of these are issues which can be addressed through braces.

An orthodontist is a facial specialist

What many people may not realise is an orthodontist isn’t just looking at your teeth, they are assessing them within the context of the face.

In fact, facial structure and the role of the jaw is a major component of their additional orthodontic training.

This allows an orthodontist to understand how the face develops, the inter-relationship between the teeth, jaw and facial structure, and even how the face is likely to age. Treatment for bite issues and crooked teeth is then considered within these contexts to maximise and enhance your appearance overall.

Meanwhile, Orthodontics Australia also notes correcting the bite and teeth can also improve your facial appearance in other ways, particularly in the case of adults.

“In some cases, correcting the jaw alignment can make the skin under the chin appear tighter, giving you a more youthful appearance,” they note.

So many benefits

An improved facial appearance is just one of the benefits orthodontic treatment can offer, with other positive impacts of braces and orthodontics including:

  • Straight teeth that are easier to keep clean
  • Less likelihood of teeth wear and future dental issues due to an incorrect bite
  • An improved smile
  • Improved confidence

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