How cosmetic injectables treat bruxism

If you regularly wake in the morning with a headache and sore jaw muscles, chances are you could be among the many people who suffer from bruxism.

Estimated to affect half the population at some time, and five per cent on ongoing basis, the condition sees people clench their jaw and grind or gnash their teeth as they sleep.

Left untreated, persistent bruxism can seriously damage your teeth, causing chipping, cracking and even tooth loss. And they’re not the only effects.

The good news is something as simple as a cosmetic injection can assist. Here’s an insight into how…

What causes bruxism?

Often linked to stress or anxiety, bruxism can also be caused by poor jaw alignment, poor health or ongoing pain, medication, and tobacco or caffeine consumption.

The trouble is, most people are unaware they’re even grinding their teeth as it happens while they sleep.

The ongoing impacts can include worn teeth, cracked teeth, loosened fillings and an excessively large jaw muscle that gives the appearance of a square jaw.

It can also result in a broken sleep, and pain or aching in the jaw.

How cosmetic injections assist

Traditionally, bruxism has been treated using mouthguards or dental devices that limited the damage to teeth, but for many bruxism sufferers this failed to address the aching caused by persistent clenching of the jaw muscle.

Over time this excessive clenching often causes the muscle to build up and become larger than it should be, resulting in the appearance of a square jaw.

Muscle relaxant injections (also known as cosmetic injections) are used to relax the jaw muscle responsible for clenching and grinding, and they are proving a highly effective way of treating the problem at its source.

The procedure

Taking only minutes to perform, the procedure sees a small volume of muscle relaxant injected directly into the masseter, which is the muscle that moves the jaw. This causes the muscle to relax enough so that it no longer causes unnecessary grinding and clenching.

The dose is specifically targeted and small enough that it does not impact the day-to-day function of the jaw when it comes to eating, speech and facial expressions.

The procedure is relatively painless, with most patients describing it as akin to an ant bite, and the effects last for around three to four months.

Administered by a medical professional

At Brite Dental, our cosmetic injections are administered by our highly qualified dental professionals, who boast a unique understanding of how the jaw and facial features interact.

In total, the procedure takes around an hour with most of that time dedicated to conducting a comprehensive medical assessment. After the injection, patients can go about their day as normal.

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