Missing Teeth: Why You Should Fill the Gap

Let’s face it, having a missing tooth can make you feel less confident.

Most often than not, people would avoid smiling because they become conscious of the missing gaps in their teeth. It might be difficult to deal with for some because they want to give a full-blown smile.

But aside from ruining self-confidence and physical appearance, having missing teeth can also have its repercussions on your dental health if left alone. It might cause some of your teeth to shift in place because of the gaps. This could then lead to difficulty in chewing or in speaking.

Reasons for Missing Teeth

  • Leaving your cavities untreated eventually leads to tooth decay. If it is extensive, then you might have to remove the tooth because it will cause you more pain and impaired tooth function.
  • Smoking is also a common issue when it comes to missing teeth. By smoking, you are not just affecting your lungs but also your oral health.
  • If plaque builds up in your gum line, it will destroy your gum tissue which leads to your teeth falling out. This is called periodontal disease or gum disease.
  • As you grow older, you’ll be at risk of tooth loss because over time you’ll be wearing down your teeth. They won’t be as strong as they used to be.

The 3 Methods for Replacing Missing Teeth

With today’s advances and technology, you can now replace your missing teeth. These three methods are some of the common ways that you can improve your teeth’s overall appearance.

1. ) Dental implants are a treatment that will involve surgery.

This is a long-term solution since you will be permanently implanting the tooth. The procedure will include placing a titanium metal post into your jaw, and then the replacement tooth will be placed on the implant. This process will involve a lengthy time frame. But, most people prefer this because of its durability since it can last for many years.

2.) Dental Bridges are the best choice if you want to replace several teeth.

A bridge will include your replacement teeth that will be fused to a metal frame. It is used to bridge the gap where the missing teeth used to be and are attached to the adjacent teeth.

3.) Dentures have different types.

You can get complete dentures if you are missing all of your teeth. But, if you need to replace some, you can make use of removable partial dentures. Dentures are also the least expensive in comparison to the others.

Consult with Brite Dental

If your missing teeth have been bothering you, we are ready to help at Brite Dental. And if you want to fill the gaps in your teeth, we have a dedicated team of professionals that offer a variety of dental treatments. You can get a consultation with us to know which method might suit you best. Plus, we will make sure that you will have the best experience at our clinic to get the best smile!