What are some of the benefits of early orthodontics

early orthodontics panania

Did you realise the Australian Society of Orthodontists recommends that if necessary, children receive an orthodontic evaluation between ages 8 and 10? This can determine if early treatment would be helpful and appropriate.

Signs that your child might benefit from seeing an orthodontist by age ten include:


·      Early or late loss of their baby teeth

·      If your child is a mouth breather

·      They have a speech impediment

·      Your child is over age five and still sucks their thumb

·      Their front teeth are crowded or protrude

·      Your child’s teeth don’t bite together correctly, or at all.


Known as Phase One treatment, early orthodontic care can correct problems due to jaw growth and development and bite issues. It can make more room for adult teeth to erupt correctly and may reduce the need for tooth extractions and lengthier orthodontic treatment during their teens. Because treatment occurs while the jawbones are still soft and growing, it is possible to use functional devices to guide this growth. Also, appliances like braces can work more quickly on children than in adults. Early orthodontic treatment can lay the foundation for a healthy mouth during adulthood, ensuring your child benefits from a healthy bite and a nicely aligned smile.