Why do I need a mouthguard?

Of all the many pieces of sports equipment you or your child may need, the most essential item in a sports bag should be a properly fitted mouthguard. Playing sports puts you at a higher risk of damaging your teeth. Whether another player hits you, you fall, or a ball or piece of equipment hits you in the face, just one small accident could cause major tooth damage or even knock out one or more teeth

Custom fitted mouthguards

A custom fitted mouthguard perfectly moulded to your or your children’s teeth and mouth shape will not just protect their teeth, it will also make it easier to breathe and add extra cushioning against an accidental blow to the face.

The safety provided by custom fitted guards precisely made for a player’s unique mouth is superior to any off-the-shelf sports mouth guard.

It can also reduce the possibility of complex dental treatment and loss of teeth. It should be worn not just when playing, but also during practice.

Mouthguard care

Ensure it is kept away from heat and direct sunlight as this can cause it to warp and affect its fit. You should also rinse it after each time you use it and place it in its designated case to dry. This will prevent the growth of bacteria.

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