‘Looking good, Feeling good’ is the way to go these days.

One of the most important parts of looking good and feeling good is having a beautiful smile. A smile says a lot about a person, and a bright white smile with nice straight teeth will make people respond to you better and will boost your confidence and self-esteem. For your convenience we have a specialist orthodontist that works in our practice for all your orthodontic needs.

Many people suffer silently; they feel embarrassed to show their crooked teeth when smiling so they avoid smiling altogether. This has an effect on their confidence and self esteem. Straight beautiful teeth on the other hand enhances confidence and security. In addition, crooked teeth are more difficult to clean, cause problems with jaw joints and can lead to facial muscle pain.


The best age to diagnose bite and teeth alignment problems in children is between 7-9 years of age according to the American Orthodontic Association. This is important because children are still growing, providing the opportunity to correct problems early as they start to develop thus encouraging and guiding natural growth and development of the child.

The goal of early treatment is to correct jaw growth and bite problems in children, lessening the need for extractions during orthodontic treatment in the future by making more room for permanent teeth to come in properly.


Wearing braces during your teen years is the best age for achieving excellent results in a short time. Postponing treatment will make it longer and more complex as crowded or spaced teeth will get worse with age, they will become difficult to keep clean, which may result in bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease, leading to early loss of teeth.

The sooner you start, the sooner you can have that attractive smile so you can look better and feel better. Once your teeth are straight and you can bite together correctly, you can eat more comfortably and clean your teeth more easily. Most importantly though, you will never lose an opportunity to smile on every photo, in every party, and every minute of every day!


The value of a confident, attractive smile cannot be underestimated. It has great benefits for your personal, social and professional life, especially in our culture where people want to look their best.

Many adults are choosing to receive orthodontic treatment because they understand the importance of maintaining their health and they want to feel better about their appearance.

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