Six Ways to Keep Your Gums Healthy


Healthy teeth need healthy gums to support them and ensure they may remain firmly in place. Gum disease, unfortunately, is a common problem, but it is preventable, and we’ve listed six ways you can keep your gums in the pink of health.

  1. Floss daily to remove dental plaque out of reach of your toothbrush.
  2. Book regular dental cleanings as we can quickly detect any signs of gum disease, and dental cleanings are an excellent way to reverse the first signs of gum disease, a condition called gingivitis.
  3. Quit smoking as smokers are more likely to develop gum disease. Also, smoking weakens the immune system making it harder to fight infections like gum disease.
  4. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, and don’t forget to brush your tongue as this can harbour bacteria. Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush that fits easily right to the back of your mouth, and change your toothbrush regularly, every three months or sooner if it begins to look worn.
  5. Choose fluoride toothpaste and spit, but don’t rinse after brushing to leave a thin layer of fluoride ions coating your teeth. Fluoride helps to strengthen teeth and fight bacteria that can cause gum disease.
  6. Choose a therapeutic mouthwash designed to help control dental plaque or fight gingivitis, or remove tartar.