The benefits of professional teeth whitening

With the array of over-the-counter teeth whitening products available, it’s tempting to believe this is a DIY job that can be readily undertaken at home.

The truth is, professional teeth whitening has a host of benefits over the commonly available methods, not least of which is the professional insight and dentistry expertise that accompanies a professional whitening service.

Here are five benefits of having your teeth whitening undertaken by a professional…

Expert insight

Most teeth staining occurs as a result of the foods we eat, but sometimes there’s a greater cause like tooth decay or a problem with the root canal. Professional teeth whitening allows a dentist to assess the condition of your teeth prior to treatment and recommend the best course of action.

One size does not fit all

Over-the-counter teeth whitening is designed to suit the general population. That means it’s a one size fits all approach. In reality people’s teeth are as individual as they are and should be treated as such.

Professional teeth whitening allows you to tailor the results to your liking, selecting how many shades lighter you wish to go.

Professional strength

The treatments used by a professional dentist to whiten teeth are professional grade. The upshot is the results are more effective and last longer.

As they are professionally applied, they are also safer. They won’t damage the enamel of your teeth or cause sensitivity, like over-the-counter options can.

Long lasting

With good nutritional habits, in-chair whitening can last between three and five years. That’s because the alkaline used penetrates deep into the dentin to create that lighter and brighter long-term smile.

Few, if any, over-the counter options can achieve this longevity. The result is with over-the-counter methods, you have to whiten more often, increasing the potential to damage your teeth.

Speed and efficiency

Professional in-chair whitening takes about one hour to complete with no mess and no fuss. The process is designed to be comfortable and inobtrusive. That means you can achieve a brighter, longer lasting smile in as little time as it would take to watch an episode of your favourite TV series or have a lunch break.

How it works

At Brite Dental, our preferred whitening option is Smart Bleach®. This system is renowned as the world’s most effective laser whitening system, combining green light waves with red alkaline gel to whiten teeth without acids, harsh chemicals or high-heat.

The process ensures results are even, natural and safe. Your teeth won’t be left dehydrated or demineralised as SmartBleach is extremely gentle.

We offer complimentary assessments to ensure teeth whitening is the right step for you.

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