The Top 10 tooth brushing mistakes you probably make every day

Chances are you think very little about brushing your teeth as you go about this daily part of your routine. But make no mistake there are do’s and don’ts when it comes to brushing your teeth and they all add up over a lifetime of dental health.

Here are the top 10 tooth brushing mistakes that many people make every day…

Wrong time of day

Teeth should be brushed at least twice daily, but what’s the ideal time? Before bed is an obvious one as it stops bacteria feeding on food remnants as you sleep. But in the morning it’s best to brush after you eat, not first thing.

Improper technique

Proper brushing is all about technique. Start with the outside of your top teeth and bottom teeth, then move onto the inside surface, before brushing the chewing surfaces. Brushing should be gentle, yet firm.

Not long enough

Two minutes, twice each day is the minimum amount of time you should spend brushing your teeth, but too often we take a shortcut here and there as part of the day-to-day rush of life.

Tired old brush

When a toothbrush is three months old, or when you have worn them out, it is time for a change. Often people soldier on with toothbrushes that are past their prime, and chances are they’re not doing the most effective job cleaning your teeth.

Forgetting to floss

Almost half the surface of our teeth is between them, which makes daily flossing a necessity. Correct flossing sees you create a C shape around each tooth as you gently push and pull, and move the floss up and down against the side of the tooth.

Wrong brush

A firm bristle might feel like it’s removing residue on your teeth, but it could also potentially damage the tooth enamel if you brush too hard.

Soft, small-headed brushes are best for removing plaque and debris. The small head also makes it easier to access hard to reach places where plaque and bacteria can build up.

Not enough, too much toothpaste

Fluoride toothpaste is widely credited with reducing cavities, but that doesn’t mean you need to slather your toothbrush with it or be too stingy. A small pea-sized amount of toothpaste is about the perfect amount.

Forgetting the gums

It’s important not to neglect the gums when cleaning, particularly the site where they meet the teeth. Gently brush this area, using a sweeping action to remove debris from the gumline.

Forgetting the tongue

Bacteria also builds upon the tongue, so don’t forget to give this area a gentle brush as well. Brushing the surface of your tongue can help freshen breath.

Brushing too hard

Sure, you want to get stuck in and get the brushing job done, but do not be too aggressive with those pearly whites – they’re tough but not impervious to damage. Aggressive brushing can wear that all-important protective enamel.

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