What makes a good children’s dentist?

Whether it’s your child’s first visit to the dentist or a routine check-up, when it comes to treating children, a positive dental experience is critical.

Friendly, positive encounters with dentists set children up up for better dental health for life. So, here’s an insight into what makes a good children’s dentist…

Friendly, understanding, gentle

In addition to experience, a children’s dentist understands that visiting the different environment of a clinic can elicit anxiety and fear in little people.

Above all, the dentist’s aim should be to ensure a child’s visit to the clinic is not intimidating, but instead sparks their curiosity and provides a sense of relaxation and fun.

A lot of this comes down to general ‘bedside manner’ including the way the dentist talks with the child, sets them at ease and allows them to be part of the dental experience.

It also involves a gentle approach to any treatments that are required.

The environment

Just as the dentist should be calm, understanding and set the child at ease, their clinic should embrace these qualities too.

The environment should be warm, inviting and friendly, offering a relaxed ambience which the child is encouraged to feel familiar with.

This warmth starts with the welcome a child receives at reception, how they are made to feel, and also extends to the general design of the clinic.

Regular visits

One of the biggest factors in setting a child at ease with a dentist is introducing them to the idea when they are young.

Ideally, a child should first see a dentist at about 12 months or within six months of their first tooth coming in. This first visit covers things like brushing technique, tooth development, and general care.

After that, a dental check-up should be an annual affair. This helps familiarise children with the concept that a dentist is a professional they should regularly see throughout life, and also helps eliminate the need for invasive treatments or negative experiences.

Trust and communication

A great children’s dentist views their relationship with both parents and children as a partnership. Although they have the expertise, their role is to facilitate the child’s dental health beyond an annual visit to a dental practitioner.

For parents, that means finding a professional they can trust, communicate with and feel comfortable with when it comes to entrusting their child’s dental wellbeing to a health practitioner.

That dentist should be open in their communication, take the time to get to know and work with the child, and appreciate that children need a little patience and understanding to feel comfortable in the dental environment.

Often this involves the combination of factors listed above, but choose the right dental practitioner for your child and you are setting them up for better dental health and wellbeing for life.

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