What you need to know about teeth whitening

If you’re looking to give your smile a bit of a refresher or restore some of its youthful glow, teeth whitening might be among the options you’re considering.

When performed by a professional dentist, teeth whitening can transform your teeth by lightening them to remove discoloration and stains.

If you’re pondering the prospect of teeth whitening here’s what you need to know.

A common procedure

Involving the use of whitening agents and/or laser treatments to remove stains from the enamel of teeth, teeth whitening is one of the most common aesthetic procedures performed by dentists.

Professional teeth whitening is undertaken at the dental clinic, allowing your dental practitioner to oversee the entire process and ensure the best results.

Why a qualified dentist?

Although teeth whitening kits are readily available on the internet and at chemists, a qualified dentist is the best person to whiten teeth.

When you have your teeth professionally whitened you can rest assured the process will not damage your teeth, the treatment will be effective and long lasting, and the results will achieve your aim.

What causes teeth to become discoloured?

A lifetime of habits have their impact on teeth and when it comes to discolouration it’s things like smoking, tea, coffee, cola and red wine that tend to play a role.

However, teeth can also become discoloured due to some medications and even excessive fluoride consumption during childhood.

Meanwhile, existing dental issues like decay or fillings can also cause your teeth to appear discoloured.

Determining the root cause

One of the things a qualified dentist will do before performing teeth whitening is determine the cause of discolouration and assess the condition of your teeth.

They will then prescribe a tailor-made treatment plan to specifically whiten your teeth to your desired outcome.

This is a very important part of the procedure, as the cause of discoloration can alter the treatment options available. Meanwhile, in some situations teeth whitening may not be recommended.

When tooth whitening might not be an option

In some rare cases your dentist might advise against teeth whitening. Reasons for this might include delicate tooth enamel, tooth sensitivity, gum disease, dentures or implants, and pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Tooth whitening at Brite Dental

At Brite Dental, we use the SmartBleach teeth whitening system to achieve fast, long lasting professional results.

SmartBleach is regarded as one of the most effective whitening systems, harnessing revolutionary technology that combines green light waves with red alkaline gel to whiten teeth without acids, harsh chemicals or high-heat.

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