What you need to know about Wisdom teeth

wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom teeth usually erupt during the late teens or early twenties, at a time when children are becoming adults and presumably have gained in wisdom. Unfortunately, they are not known to influence IQ levels! Many children will have heard tales about wisdom teeth causing problems, but there is no need to be nervous about these teeth.

Ideally, wisdom teeth will have adequate room in the jaw to erupt without problems. Sometimes there is insufficient room for this to happen as the tooth is impacted. A wisdom tooth can be partially impacted, where it will partly erupt, or entirely impacted, meaning it is trapped underneath an adjacent tooth. When this occurs, it can cause tooth decay or infection in the adjacent tooth, or a cyst could develop in the jawbone.

Our dentist at Brite Dental closely monitors wisdom teeth yet to erupt, using digital dental x-rays. If necessary, we will recommend their removal. Don’t worry, as we will ensure the entire procedure is as smooth and as comfortable as possible.