Why consider a dentist for cosmetic injections?

In the past few years, cosmetic injectables have become a popular option for everyday Australians looking to reduce fine lines or improve their appearance.

But did you know dentists with additional training are among the professionals qualified to administer these procedures?

In fact, dentists are uniquely qualified with years of training in facial anatomy and a true understanding of aesthetics and balance.

Here are four reasons why you might consider a dentist when it comes to cosmetic injections…

Facial anatomy

Qualified dentists have enjoyed years of training in facial anatomy. In fact, most university degrees in general dentistry require at least two years of study specifically looking at facial anatomy.

On top of that, dentists work within that sector every day, applying their knowledge of facial anatomy as an integral part of the everyday dental services they deliver.

When it comes to cosmetic injections, that means dentists have a unique knowledge of how the muscles beneath the skin interact, connect and respond to treatment.

And to cut to the chase, the art of using muscle relaxants and dermal fillers is about knowing where the injection should be made to get the best effect.

Wholistic view

These years of study and practice working with the human face allow dentists to have a wholistic view of the most suitable ways to use cosmetic injections to improve the overall facial appearance.

They are acutely aware that when it comes to the smile and the face there is no ‘one size fits all solution’.

For the patient that means the person administering the injection is doing so because they believe it is the best method available to provide a solution that works.

And they may do so in combination with other dental treatments to achieve the ultimate outcome desired.

Additional training

Not any dentist can administer cosmetic injections. In order to be qualified to administer cosmetic injectables, a dentist is also required to complete additional training under the strict regulation of the dental board.

Medical environment

The environment in which you have any medical procedure performed, including cosmetic injections, is of paramount importance.

Dental surgeries, by nature, are sterile medical environments where injections and often surgeries are performed on a daily basis.

Cosmetic injections at Brite Dental

At Brite Dental our qualified dentists are registered medical professionals who boast years of experience and study in the structure and aesthetic function of the face. This experience, combined with our sterile medical facility, makes us ideally suited to administering anti-wrinkle injections in a comfortable, professional environment.

We have answers to a wealth of cosmetic injections questions, you can find out more about our anti-wrinkle treatments, or book an appointment for an assessment.

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