Why Do Different Health Insurances Pay Differently and Sometimes So Little?

If you have private health or dental insurance, you might expect it to cover most eventualities. Dental insurance hasn’t been around nearly as long as medical insurance and works differently. Whereas your medical insurance will cover you if you face an unpredictable illness, dental insurance is oriented more towards the preventing dental disease which in turn helps protect your overall health as the two are very closely linked. Even though you may have top cover with your Private health insurance fund, each policy is different and even if you have dental listed on your policy the gap payment you receive is unpredictable.

Your Dental Insurance Encourages Regular Dental Care

Some people will delay regular dental checkups and cleanings because they don’t want to spend the money on preventative care. Dental insurance covers most or all the cost of preventative dentistry like bi-annual routine checkups and cleanings and will often help with the cost of other routine treatments like dental fillings. It may not cover the entire costs of more complex treatments, but when you visit a dentist regularly, the risk of developing more serious dental disease that is more expensive to treat declines significantly.

Every Health Fund is Different

If you do have any kind of health insurance, read the policy carefully to find out which treatments are covered, and those where the insurance may pay a percentage of costs. If you are unsure, please ask us for advice. We can help you understand your insurance more easily, so you can gain maximum benefits.