Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

Replace Missing Teeth dentist Panania

Many people will lose teeth, and there are good reasons for replacing them as soon as possible.


A gappy smile can significantly affect your appearance, and when you are missing multiple teeth, your facial features can begin to sink inwards, which is a prematurely ageing effect. Replacing these teeth will help provide the proper support for your cheeks and lips, filling out your facial features and maintaining the correct distance between your upper and lower jaws.

Restoring Your Ability to Eat

You need a full set of teeth to eat properly, and every time you lose a tooth, it reduces your chewing ability by up to 10%. Chewing food is essential for digestion, and if you cannot chew your food, it can cause digestive problems. Additionally, it can affect overall nutrition, which in turn impacts your general health.

Protecting Your Neighbouring Teeth

When you lose a tooth, the teeth on either side will begin to drift out of place, moving towards the space, which destabilises them and affects your bite. At the same time, the tooth opposing the space will also drift towards it. Replacing missing teeth helps to protect your bite, stabilising your remaining teeth and preventing unwanted tooth movements.