White Fillings

At Brite Dental, when it comes to needing a filling we are committed to strengthening your teeth with durable and natural looking restorations.

While amalgam fillings are still available and used, the unnatural look can spoil a smile. At Brite Dental, we utilise tooth-coloured fillings to restore your smile to a natural look. Tooth coloured materials are more biocompatible than metal amalgam fillings and offer a far more robust finish.

We offer two kinds of tooth-coloured restorations:

Composite resin

Our tooth-coloured fillings are composed of high strength optimum quality composites. The composite material resembles a tooth coloured paste, which is placed on the tooth in layers and then carefully sculpted to the shape of the tooth. The composite material is hardened by a special light.

A composite restoration is ideal for correcting small blemishes and can be completed in a single appointment.


Requiring two appointments, a ceramic filling is similar to a dental crown. Made from a detailed impression mould your ceramic filling is crafted in a laboratory. Once it is checked for fit and comfort it is then held securely in place with a specially formulated bonding agent, restoring your tooth’s strength and natural appearance.

During your consultation, Dr Kader will discuss which option is most suitable for your personal situation.

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